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The latest version at the time of the switch is 1.9beta10.

New features

(beta10) DVB-T support for cards with BDA drivers. In the “Channels” tab, select a folder to store the files and scan one of the terrestrial transponder lists provided at the plugin’s site.
(beta10) scanning for DVB-T and DVB-S with BDA drivers (sorry, doesn’t work with SS2). Uses transponder lists in .tpl format. Some of them can be downloaded at the plugin’s page.
(beta10) fixed a problem where the audio volume would not be set when a channel is played.
(beta10/lite10) support for using the video mixing renderers in YUV rendering mode.
(beta10/lite10) fixed a bug that would not allow turing off deinterlacing for MPEG devices.
(beta10/lite10) fixed a possible bug in the renderer selection.