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The beauty of “Undercover Boss” is that it blows the lid off of what goes on behind the scenes at various workplaces. However, some of the workplaces we know best, and the ones that would make for some great episodes of “Undercover Boss,” only exist on television. Earn money while enjoying this show. Play simple and interactive betting games at เว็บufabet.

“Better off Ted”

Veronica could go undercover in Veridian Dynamics; the first area she could visit is where Phil and Lem work. These two scientists invent the products that Veridian Dynamics needs to succeed, yet often they get into trouble, with much of the chaos coming down from Veronica. If Veronica sees how efficient the company works without her at the helm, it’s possible that the company could improve its profits. That’s probably not likely as Veronica would never see the problems coming from herself, and most definitely would not give away any raises or vacations to Phil and Lem. This episode would have its classic “Undercover Boss” moments with Veronica dressing up in a wig and going by the name Ira Longhandler.

“Celebrity Apprentice”

Donald Trump could go undercover and play the same games as his so called apprentices. Trump has experience running companies, albeit not very well. If he has to go undercover and wear a wig, it may actually help his appearance thanks to his famously bad hair. The good thing about this, though, is that employees are so used to Trump’s rug, no one would ever expect it. I’d like to see Trump go undercover but a Trump without bad hair is like a world without Christmas.

“The Office”

Michael Scott is gone but it still would have been nice to see Scott go undercover as a guy name Wally Bain, and act as Dwight’s sidekick. Dwight would feel remorse spending all this time with Wally because he’s usually at Michael’s beckon call. The entire episode could have Dwight using Wally to get to Michael, with Wally disappearing in and out of Michael’s office. At the end, Michael would call Dwight to his office and reveal that he was actually Wally. Dwight would act foolish and, instead of crying to Michael for support, he would yell for Wally, since Wally was actually Michael and Michael was the one fooling him. It’s the same person, but to Dwight, they’re different.

Which television series would you like to see get the “Undercover Boss” treatment?