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Sculpting is a tough art that can be mastered only by intense practice. Sculpting can be often seen to be compared with painting. Painting can be done effectively from one point of view. But sculpting needs to be perfect in all 360 degrees. Hence it begins with a sketch and then the sculptor transforms that sketch into a complete sculpture. Traditional Sculpting can generally be categorized into four types as Stone Carving, Bronze Casting, Wood Carving, and Clay Firing. Many people may think that sculpting is reducing day by day. But it is not. The art of sculpting is still alive and is being taught and practiced in many places throughout the world.

Digital Sculpting and Traditional Sculpting

The emergence of new technologies didn’t leave Sculpting too. New digital tools and materials are available in digital platforms and one can master digital sculpting using them. Digital Sculpting is often called Sculpt Modelling or 3D Sculpting where digital tools are used to modify digital objects similar to real-life sculpting. The digital tools are used to bring shapes and lines to the digital objects as if being done in clay or stone or any other similar materials that are used for traditional sculpting. All these give a 3D appearance to the digital object. What makes digital sculpting different from Traditional Sculpting is the environment. Traditional sculpting requires a natural and real space whereas digital sculpting can be done wherever possible. They don’t have to carry any specific modeling tools to do digital sculpting. All they need to do is install some 3D modeling software and it can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

Is Digital Sculpting Hard?

Digital Sculpting may appear simple at the outset and one can attain basic knowledge about digital sculpting in a short period. But if someone desperately wants to master the skill of digital sculpting, it will take more time. It is difficult to understand the advanced digital tools to make an exact 3D model. To master the smoothness and organic shapes in digital sculpting, one has to do more practice. This doesn’t mean mastering digital sculpting is hardly possible, but it can be achieved with keen interest and more practice.

Where 3D Sculpting can be used?

You may wonder, if sculptures are made of stone, wood, or similar materials, they can be placed in the center of the city or any tourist area, but what could 3D sculpting or Digital Sculpting do. But to your surprise, 3D sculpting has a vast area of usage. It can be used in computer games, designing studios, movies, and so on. The craze for games never gets old. People are expecting more and more realistic game interfaces and characters. 3D modeling plays a major role in developing games in recent times. Apart from this, 3D paintings generally use Digital Sculptures for a better outcome. Many movies are using 3D technologies to attract the audience. The role of 3D Sculptors in those movies is so crucial.