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ResizeIt – a Fantastic Image Resizer/Converter for Mac

One of the aspects of submitting software reviews to HubgPages that has long bothered me is putting together screen shots. Not because taking a screen shot is hard, because it isn’t. And not because the process with HubgPages is difficult, because it isn’t (although I wish they’d accept images in PNG format!), but because it’s...

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App Trap: An Easy Way to Truly Delete Mac Applications

I try out a huge number of applications. In the past few months, I’m guessing that I’ve tried out and reviewed far in excess of 100. Most of the time, installing those applications is simple, especially with a Mac. I simply download a compressed disc image, which then mounts to the desktop. Inside the mounted...

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Application Wizard – Your Entire Mac, Only a Click Away

When I use Linux, I’m either using KDE, Gnome or xfce (three common, but functionally and aesthetically different desktop environments). I use Gnome most of the time, but have always liked xfce (and KDE). One of the things I really like about it is that no matter where I am on the desktop, all I...