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How the Fox Network May Be a Resurrected TV Network from the 1950’s

In another America, long ago and far away (and before Fox Network actually superseded the big three…or five…networks in the ratings), NBC, CBS and ABC were the only bastions of television programming. A lot of people who grew up in a three network universe sometimes wish we could go back to that so America can...

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If ‘Undercover Boss’ Examined TV Workplaces

The beauty of “Undercover Boss” is that it blows the lid off of what goes on behind the scenes at various workplaces. However, some of the workplaces we know best, and the ones that would make for some great episodes of “Undercover Boss,” only exist on television. “Better off Ted” Veronica could go undercover in...

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Moved to new location

The TV plugin for Winamp has finally moved to a new location. In addition to all the information that could be found on the old site in a very improved design using phpwcms, the new site will soon offer a support forum. The new site can be found at www.tv-plugin.com. Please update your bookmarks.

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Beta14 and the future of the project

For well over a year I have been unable to find time to work on this project. I finished my PhD, my family grew and I it became high time I stopped fooling myself and admitted that I can no longer continue the development of the plugin. Certainly not on my own. The current state...

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Project available at SourceForge

The sources of the TV plugin are now available at sourceforge. To compile the project, you will need a (relatively) current version of Microsoft Visual Studio (unfortunately Visual C++ Express is not sufficient as the plugin uses MFC) and the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). The Platform/Windows SDK might also be needed for the DirectShow...