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Did you know that you have Siri for your convenience on your Mini iPad? It is that small button down at the bottom of your iPad; you probably use it to move back and forth between applications. You can tell Siri to remind you of things that you need to do. You can also use it as a GPS. Just tell Siri you need driving directions, give Siri the address and Siri will do the rest to allow your hands free driving. 

Rearrange your app icons

Just press and hold down on the app you want to rearrange and move it to where you want as the icons shake. After you have moved it just tap your home button the one at the bottom of your iPad. You could play your favorite aucoeแทงบาคาร่า online on this device without any issues.

How to Delete an app

Possibly you have downloaded a free app and discovered it was not all that you thought it would be. You can delete that app by pressing down on the app icon and holding it. At the time all of your app icons will start shaking. You will see a small “x” in the upper left hand corner of the app. A message will appear to confirm or cancel deletion. Click on that, and then press the button below at the bottom of your iPad and all your icons should return to normal minus the app that you deleted. Sometimes I have downloaded an app and discovered it is not what I want.


Would you like Siri to remind you of a doctor’s appointment? Just push on the button at the bottom towards the middle of your iPad and tell Seri when, the time, and where you want to be reminded. Possible you want to be reminded at home or at work. Siri will confirm and show you the information that you requested on a calendar. I like that she talks back to you.

This is not all. I am still discovering more new things about the mini iPad.