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On March 11th the world was introduced to the Apple iPad 2. It has been a major success for Apple with the tablet now being sold out not only in America, but the rest of the world as well. While Apple has called 2021 the year of the iPad, there are rumors that this summer the Cupertino based company will launch the iPad 6. Earn the money and get your hands on the latest IPad. Play simple and interactive betting games at oncapan.com.

They wouldn’t…Would they?

Apples WWDC (worldwide Developers Conference) kicks off on June 6th. At this event last year Apple announced the release of the iPhone 4. While everyone is expecting Apple to announce the iPhone 5 at this year’s WWDC, some are also saying that iOS 5 and the Apple iPad 3 will be announced. If this will be the case I am sure there will be some disgust from adopters of the iPad 2.

There have been many rumors floating around for a while now that iOS 5 will be a complete overhaul of the operating system that is found on Apple devices, in fact many are saying the new operating system will be mainly cloud based, but what does this mean?

Off to the cloud!

It could mean cheaper iPhones, iPods, and iPads. If the mobile power houses do not have to use expensive SSD (Solid State Devices) memory, then prices of the devices could drop drastically. If this is indeed the case then it only makes sense that Apple would release new products that would take advantage of the new cloud operating system.

Would this mean that your current iPad, iPhone, or iPod would become outdated? Well yes and no. I am sure there have been some technical enhancements to the new iPhone and iPods, like larger screens, and faster processors, but in regards to the iPad I am sure that the technology would be identical. Your current devices would still function just the same, and would even be able to work with the new cloud system. In all honesty I am not entirely sure clouds based devices only are the way to go.

I am sure if this were to be true some would be very happy with the announcement. Some people do not like carrying all of their personal data on their device, some would feel more secure with their documents, photos, movies and music all stored in a cloud that could only be accessed with a password.

Is cheaper always better?

I know many would like the cheaper technology, but maybe that cheaper technology would bring additional monthly fees with it so that you can access the cloud anytime you want.

While the new iPhone 5 will be a given at the WWDC, the announcement of a new iPad would raise many eyebrows, and I am sure many questions would be asked why a new tablet is being launched just months after the iPad 2. I think it is highly unlikely that he iPad 3 will be launched this year, but am certain that a new cloud based iPad 3 will be announced next year.

Don’t believe everything you hear

Apple through the years have been very predictable when it comes to launches, however I would not put it past a big corporation like Apple to do something different, after all they are running a business and they will always try to remain one step ahead of the rest. Just remember that these are just rumors, but one thing for sure is that June 6th will be a very interesting day, iPad 3 or not.

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