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Apple iPad sales are still strong, and the iPad sales increases have created a shortage on the product. That Apple iPad is selling so well in fact, that the guaranteed shipping date on new orders has been pushed back in order to ensure that there is enough product on hand to meet the demand. This is exactly what a company like Apple wants to see, where one of their new electronics devices is selling faster than they can produce it. The exact numbers haven’t been released by Apple as to how many Apple iPads have been built, but the sales estimates have the Apple iPad closing in on 300,000 units sold already. Quite an accomplishment this early in the game. You could play your favorite sports betting games via rantan.com seamlessly and without any issues.

The published estimates according to a CNN Money article, is that Apple was expected to have 300,000 to 1 million of the Apple iPads on hand when shipping was set to begin on April 3rd. With sales already threatening to pass the low end estimate of units produced, it means that Apple could possibly face the risk of not having enough product on hand next week.

The Apple iPad isn’t even in the hands of consumers yet, nor is it on store shelves, because Apple is just working with pre-orders at this point. It means that nearly 300,000 of the Apple iPads have been ordered by consumers that want to be one of the first on the block to have one of these new ‘toys’ in their hands.

With so much negative buzz about the Apple iPad originally, it’s remarkable how many sales that the iPad is racking up. This is of course the exact same thing that happened when the iPod was getting close to being released, and will have Apple laughing all the way to the bank once again. The delay on new online orders for the iPads has increased to a shipping date to April 12th (used to be April 3rd) as Apple tries to predict how fast they can get enough product on hand to meet the demand. Apple stock holders have to be pleased with this news, and if the sales of the Apple iPad get even stronger when it finally hits the physical store shelves, this could be yet another home-run for Apple Technologies.